About us

Kirkby Blinds Direct Ltd are a family- run business that have been working in the blinds industry for over 20 years, making us the leading blind suppliers throughout Liverpool. We have an expert team of 12 who are on hand to help you with anything you require.

Our Process

  • Speak to one of our advisors with an idea of what you require, we will arrange a time to come to your home or commercial premises for a time best suited to you.
  • We will measure your blinds.
  • When you have decided on the colour and design, we will fit the blinds in for you.

We pride ourselves on the exceptional service we provide along with the quality of blinds we offer, and unlike other blind companies we manufacture the majority of our blinds on-site. You can come and visit our showroom, where we hold a wide range of blinds that you have the option to watch being made, making the experience completely bespoke to you.

of Stone
Oil Stone • Made from,either Novaculite, Silicon Carbide or Aluminum.
• Stones are,graded in terms of density and the effect it has on a blade.
• Grades include Hard and Soft Arkansas, Hard Black and Hard Translucent Arkansas.
• Low price,and good performance.
• Slower cutting rate than other stones.
Water Stone • Available in both synthetic and natural versions.
• Fast cutting.• Is cleaned with water instead of oil.
• Wears down quickly due to its softness and requires flattening due to changes to the shape through use.